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"2 guys and a ring"
OK so i dated this guy named guy #1 and then we broke up. Then i started dating another guy named guy#2 who i dated for around a year. He gave me a promise ring for my birthday. Then all of the sudden we began fighting so much i couldnt take it so i told him we need a break and that we need to become better friends. So then guy #1 heard about it and broke up with his girlfriend so he could go for me again because he has liked me ever since we had broken up a year before. So a couple nights later, i went to my friends house and guy#1 was there. His friend was also there with him, so it was just the four of us. We all decided to play spin the bottle and of course it has to land on me. so i had to kiss guy#1. My friend likes guy#1 so she got jealous of the kiss and because he liked me not her. So my ex guy#2(the guy who gave me the ring...we had a very serious relationship)went to the movies with some friends and my jealous friend just so happens to also be there. Since she is jealous, she decides to tell guy#2 that i kissed guy#1 after me and him broke up. I had told guy#2 that id come back to him because i wouldnt just accept a ring and make that promise if i didnt mean he believes her and demanded me give the ring back. I love him and i want to be with him, but now he wont talk to me and hates me because that was "cheating" which it wasnt since i was single and we just broke up. I dont know what to do because i love guy#2 but i still have a ton of feelings for guy#1 because we had a past 2 year relationship. This is probably confusing but i need some help.
posted by Hannah on 1/10/2009 @6:57:53 PM •
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