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its kinda long story but i really need advice

so im a junior in high school im deff. boy crazy. anyways it was my freshman year in highschool this boy cought my attention. so one day out of the blue he send me a message on myspace. and starts talking to me a couple hours later we like each other. and then we talked for forever. i say two weeks later he asks me out.. my heart said yes but my brain said no. so i said no. well we talk some more and then it was his birthday and he told me he loved me and asked me out agian. i didnt know what to tell him... i really liked him and everything but i just kept saying no to him and i regret it so bad... but the past is the past anyways when he asked me out and told me he loved me it kinda scared me... i said no agian... i didnt kno what love was i was 14 and a freshman in high school. anyways we talk more and everytime he asked me out i said no. well he got tired of it and stoped talking to me but that summer we started talking agian..... then i stoped talking to him because i felt weird.. and now im a junior in highschool and i know what love is now it was him.. and i messed it up so bad i still wonder what it would be like if we would have dated.. what should i do. i need help please help me. please.
posted by Ashley (age 17) on 1/10/2009 @11:36:41 PM •
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