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I have been with my bf, OJ, for one year jan 2009. In Nov 2008 he asked me to get an apt with him. We got a 2 bedroom and signed a one year lease. Things were ok, i thought, i was a bit jealous and didnt trust him because of my what my ex bf did to me. So we did have a few fights, well one fight lead my bf to leave to the store at 5pm and didnt return for 7 hours. When he finnaly got home I was very upset with him. He said he went to the bar to cool down. But being gone for 7 hours made me mad, so we fought, and later my bf stated that we were over. I asked him why and all he could say was that he loved me but we are over because we opposites. Hes the bad bad boy, while I am the goodie tu shoes. He likes to smoke pot and drink, while I like to study and watch tv. He says he changed his smoking for me, and while he changed it began to make him bitter, and he said his bitterness would turn into violence. However, he said he'd still want me to be a roommate. In my head I want to leave the apt, but I do not have anywhere else to go and I am on a lease. He said I can go if I want to but he prefers for me to stay. I dont know if I should stay or go.
posted by Brittany (age 20) on 1/15/2009 @3:02:31 PM •
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