relationship advice (post new situation)
So first of all I'm a lesbian and I have been dating the most wonderful girl in the world. One problem I feel like she thinks I'm not smart enough to figure things out... I believe she's lying and she says she hasn't... But the most recent incident is she said she was raped 2 days ago and she said she took a pregnancy test and it said she was pregnant. I don't think it's possible... She doesn't seem to really be affected by this at all but I don't know... I love her and I want to be with her but I just don't know how I can handle this all in the future... I want to be with her and I do love her just I want her to stop telling me all these things that are "true" and I don't want to hear anymore bad stuff that supposedly happened to her...
posted by Simone (age 17) on 1/16/2009 @11:02:03 AM •
To begin, I should probally take my own advice, but im the type thats gotta learn on her own, but you on the other hand, trust is a HUGE factor in any relationship, no matter how much you love or admire this girl, if you do not trust her, there is NO relationship. What do you do when you believe she is lying? You probally bring it up, and she tells you she isnt lying, but you insist she is, this then leds to a fight...correct? The point is if you are that forsure she is lying, you honestly need to get out now, before it gets futher down the road and it ill be even harder to leave her.
posted by Brittany (age 20) on 1/16/2009

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