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Ok well, I have been best friends with this girl, Maria, for most of my life. She knows everything about me and vice versa. But recently we got into a huge arguement over a guy. She does not like him because she is one of those ppl that judge before they get to know. And I found out about something that had to do with this guy: he is on probation for a year. But I can't find out what it was he did. See I was homeless and this guy took me in. I had known him before this through my brothers. Than we started to get to know each other again and he asked me out. Everyone tells me that friends comes first but they also say this girl is no friend she just uses ppl. She owes me $2,000 that I will prolly never see. And she just seems to create drama. She has my purse which has my ipod, cell phone, id, driver's license in it and she won't give it back. And she also hacked into my myspace account, deleted all my friends pretty much, changed everything like my information, my background, everything. And I am just so pissed off I personally think she just needs to grow up. But the truth is I miss being her friend!
posted by Nichole (age 19) on 1/18/2009 @3:40:59 PM •
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