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"i want to be famous=["
i really dont like my life i want to be famous i want to be a singer and actress i wrote 12 songs and prentended to be on a show that i made called my dog can talk.i tried making videos on youtube but no one comments or subscribes,there is this singing thing at my school i want to do it but im afraid every one will laugh can someone please tell what to do i want to be famous so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by amber (age 11) on 1/19/2009 @6:18:11 PM •
The more you sing in front of people the easier it gets. I"m very shy no of course I"m not famouse but I'm known in my town that I have a good voice I have sang in several different churches and school functions. But just have fun with it music is a gift I hope this helps!
posted by mary (age 21) on 1/21/2009

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