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"getting a refund"
bought a bed on line only half of it arrived eventually other half came but not in agreed time and after a refund had been agreed refused it i was told i could have a full refund and they would collect with no cost to myself the half i still have not a word since i have sent 2 recorded letters too them still nothing not sure what to do next want my refund
posted by J Martin on 12/30/2007 @11:21:16 AM •
You need to talk to a manager. Tell them what you were told (full refund, no cost to you...). Don't give up just because it seems too hard to get your refund. If you are unhappy, call and call until someone listens. Many companies have gotten so large these days, they could care less about customer satisfaction. I hope it works out for you.
posted by Jeff on 1/1/2008

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