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"friend issues"
Ok so I have been best friends with this person for a while. It has been a rocky road with her lying a lot over stupid things and her just not talking to me for long periods of time. We don't go to the same school so I don't feel like i'm asking for much when i want to hang out with her every once in a while. Now she has this new boyfriend and she has been acting totally different and none of her friends like her now. The issue is that now she is doing that thing where she is just not caring if she talks to me or not. I am tired of being the first person to say anything. I just need to know, is she really worth my time?
posted by Courtney on 1/20/2009 @8:41:58 PM •
It's not worth it if she were your real friend she'd understand you and wouldn't act this way.
posted by Simone (age 17) on 1/22/2009

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