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I'm living with alcoholic, good man but alcoholic. I'm not. I've lived with him for 5-6 years and put a lot of time and money into the home. I'm not totally unhappy but I'm not very happy. No sexual relationship. we have separate bedrooms, my choice. He gives me most anything I want and supports me financially pretty much. I work and also contribute some to the household but he bears the bigger financial burden. Should I buy my own house and gamble that all will be well or stay with him and be guaranteed financial stability and a home.
should I move?
posted by Mel (age 56) on 1/21/2009 @8:14:14 AM •
It would be great if you could talk him into getting help... But for me, financial stability isn't worth the misery.

I don't mean to sound like I'm simplifying anything - I know you're in a very complicated, difficult situation!
posted by jon on 1/29/2009

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