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I live at home with my mom and dad and I have lived in this small town my whole life. I have went to school and college here. I got accepted to a school 40 miles away but I have a job that i love and Im afraid I"m going to loose it by leaving and since my mom is sick My dad puts me on a guillt trip about leaving I have had a hard time I have a hard time thinking about myself. If I leave I will be leaving my boyfriend which I love and i have to borrow someones vechicle I"m having a hard time about going. I also have the option to take on line classes/ Help
posted by Mary (age 21) on 1/21/2009 @10:06:43 AM •
If the school is only 40 miles away, why don't you stay in the town you're at right now and just communte? If you can't commute, I would go for the online classes. Stay with your family as long as you can. The school will be there forever.
posted by Michelle on 1/26/2009
i commuted 60 miles (one way) back in the day. a drive like that isn't nearly as bad as it seems. just be careful driving!
posted by jon on 1/27/2009

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