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"family estate problems"
My mother died without a will. She left money and a 4 flat building. I am the executor of the estate. I am spending large amounts of money in probate court and legal fees. Now down to 100 thousand. The building was sold. My lawyer wants reciepts for work and repairs to the property. I loss all of those by accident. I am going crazy about this and I do not know what to do. I can not remember everything I did because I was busy everyday trying to keep my mother alive as she went through 14 hospitals and 5 nursing homes before passing away. I do not know what to do. I feel like a criminal although I did not do anything wrong. My job and my clients where lost while all of this was happening. Now I am waiting for a court date with no way to support my position and now no income to support myself other than the small amount in the estate. This is a nightmare that seems to have no end. I tried to get my mom to make the proper arrangements for this, but she simply would not do it before it was too late. Now it is just me and my brother waiting for the end to come. He is in a mental health facility as a ward of the state. My older sister lives in Michigan and managed to convince me to pay her nearly all of her share a few months ago after she had lost her job. Now it looks like I am in a world of trouble.

I have never been unemployed until now. My retirement money cannot be used until I am 62 and like many others I have lost a great bit of that due to the current economic madness. I am over my head and I have no idea where to turn for advise and help.

I am a documentary producer and I have spent my whole adult life helping people all over the planet and now I have no where to turn.
posted by Ron (age 57) on 1/23/2009 @1:22:12 PM •
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