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well, my hubby is in US now, with his ex partner shop, they been together for 14yrs.
we always chatting evryday,but i found out his ex using my hubby account and trying to control us,i mean our communication, and telling to my hubby i am harassing her through mail which i dont do...some personal things like my pics was thrown by her ex that eventually, i put it on my hubby wallet before he left here in the phillipines..his ex partner act that i always harassing her.. that i never do, i am thinking that my hubby is still under control of his ex.. because he still rely oh her i know...would i still continue communicating with my hubby or stop this.. i know we both inlove in each other.. but our situation is bad .
posted by christyn (age 28) on 1/24/2009 @12:16:06 AM •
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