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"don't know what to do"
i have close relatioship with my friends, we planned that after college we will go to USA together. All my since higschool i always depend on them. i can't stand on my own. i plan to go to UK. I don't know if i'm goin to tell them or not i'm afraid they will get mad. I plan to live without informing them. pls give me some advise..
posted by mary (age 20) on 1/28/2009 @8:29:46 PM •
i have a hard time believing you can't stand on your own! you can definitely do it alone, just have confidence. and just because you move doesn't mean you still can't stay in close contact with your friends... when you're young, it's the best time to travel like that. i say go for it, and they'll eventually understand.
posted by jon on 1/29/2009

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