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"Trouble with Friend"
I have been friends with my best friend for about 10 years now. We also just got an apt together in may of 2008 to save some money. About 2 weeks ago her car broke down and I have been chauffering her around. She was supposed to quickly find a new car but has not done so and it is now going on 3 weeks. She is not motivated to find a new car and seems to be taking advantage of my willingness to drive her around. I just bought my car last july and its putting a lot of miles and things on my own car. I want to tell her she needs to get on the ball or find another chauffeur but i feel awful about it because she is my best!
posted by Tabitha (age 23) on 2/3/2009 @2:48:27 AM •
Be honest, it better than resentment. Stand up for what you know is right and above all. look out for yourself , no one else will.
posted by bc (age 60) on 3/15/2009

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