relationship advice (post new situation)
"should i forgive??"
dear advice,i'v been in a relationships with a guy for the past 10yrs. ,we have 2-kids together. but the whole time hes been married-there been no div. everything was good for a while,in the past 2-yrs. its all went downhill. his wife had a baby with her boyfriend it was born really sick ,and died at age almost 2yrs. my heart was broke for her. but her guy had nothing to do with her or the baby ,my guy has 2-older boys by her and he was there for her the whole time ,not with me there ,she hates me we just dont get alone ,its a long storeie! anyways i moved out 6months age due to one day he comes home with a dump truck she bought him (money from the death of her son ) it was fuss all the time with him ,heard she was having a baby which was just bron on 02-06-09 few days age .to find out the truth which did not come from him its his baby!! for about the last 5months hes been at my house tell me he loves me with all his heart! can i forgive him,he is my life,but not sure i can deal with him having a new baby together,why would he go back to her fat ass?? he said he didn't know why he did it! i don't know what to do? his wife is cazry,it has been a fight with her since the first day he left her,when his mom past away she would not let him see his 2-boys,she holds the kids over his head on everything!i'v did wrong to cheatting on him once but just because i felt no love,he was still married to her, does whatever she wants even if it pesses me off,has long as shes not mad,cant do anything to pess her off!! what should i do?? its been 10yrs. its to hard to just give up & walk away but does he really ,truely love me! i do love him with all my heart,but how do i know this won't happen again with her?? help please!
posted by Tina on 2/9/2009 @6:31:49 AM •
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