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"being bisexual"
i like this girl, and it's sort of complicated cause she's straight. i have been planning to tell her but then i found out that she already knew caude my backstabbing ex-friend told her ever since last year and at first she couldnt believe it and now she thinks its 'strange' i mean, i want her to know i like her but not from someone else..we don't talk anymore:( and everyday i see her in school it really hurts..i just wanna go and hug ex-friend [lets call her stacy] has been going with her&&im really scared what lies she's been feeding to this girl i like..this girl i like [lets call her marie] went online earlier and said she was really pissed and said it was a long story, what should i do? and i have this other best friend who said she'd try to help me talk to her but when they're together i feel like my best friend likes her too and they're always together! i am so jealous but she swore she doesnt like her but im confuse, i trust her..wait, i want to trust her, this is just so confusing..

help me:( should i talk to her? all my friends say i should but i dont have the guts.
posted by ana on 2/13/2009 @7:48:57 AM •
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