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im 19 im on parole im tryn ta do good i cant find a job my peoples is on dope im crazy i dont wanna go back ta jail i dont kno what ta do
posted by anthony on 2/13/2009 @10:34:59 AM •
You know, I used to hate it when people told me this, i mean i REALLY HATED it, but after a time i came to realize that when you need a change for the better, one of the best (albeit hardest) choices is: the military. now don't dismiss it right away - let me just tell you this. i never thought that i would ever be in the military because it wasn't my thing. and yet, due to my personal situation and my desire for a great and beneficial change, here i am: a sailor in the united states navy. and honestly, life is getting better all the time.
posted by Joe (age 21) on 3/2/2009

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