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"My friend...cocaine."
Ok, I have a good friend that has a great wife and child...and does well for himself. My wife and I are also mutual friends with his wife as well. Another friend of mine was hanging out with him last week and witnessed him snort coke. Now I would never expect it from this guy, and it made my mouth drop. I felt betrayed and just overall stunned and concerned. The friend that witnessed it made me promise not to say anything. I am seriously concerned for him and understand he may have had a problem with cocaine a number of years ago. i do not want to betray the trust of my friends by saying something to his wife or even to him. But I am pretty mortified about this and a bit mad. What to do?? If you need any more info, please ask.
posted by Jon (age 28) on 2/13/2009 @8:04:06 PM •
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