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My crush,who happens to have a crush on me also ,gave her phone number to me when I asked for it. I told her that I would call her. Eventually, I send her messages in her phone to inform that I would call. Then, she'd reply that she's not home or she can't be called at the moment. Another event was I sent her a text message again, and she didn't reply. I sent it twice and she still didn't reply. So, I sent a message again asking why she didn't reply. She told me that she 'feels lazy to reply'. Am I being so sensitive to think that she doesn't like me anymore, or do I have to think it the other way. I mean, she's not my gf yet...

By the way, that crush of mine is my classmate...
posted by Wesley (age 17) on 2/14/2009 @1:37:33 AM •
i've been tossed around by girls before, so i understand. if she's like the girls i've known, she might be unsure about you, and handling it the wrong way. or she might just be really distracted from you by something else that's going on in her life. I'm sure she hasn't just stopped liking you, but i'm also sure that she might be dodging you all the same. just exercize patience when dealing with this and don't bother her too much trying to get feedback. she'll call you when she's ready to.
posted by Joe (age 21) on 3/2/2009

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