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"calls and communication"
My crush,who happens to have a crush on me also ,gave her phone number to me when I asked for it. I told her that I would call her. Eventually, I send her messages in her phone to inform that I would call. Then, she'd reply that she's not home or she can't be called at the moment. Another event was I sent her a text message again, and she didn't reply. I sent it twice and she still didn't reply. So, I sent a message again asking why she didn't reply. She told me that she 'feels lazy to reply'. Am I being so sensitive to think that she doesn't like me anymore, or do I have to think it the other way. I mean, she's not my gf yet...

By the way, that crush of mine is my classmate...
posted by Wesley (age 17) on 2/14/2009 @1:38:28 AM •
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