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"Dream girl; wrong religion"
Over the last couple of years I've been struggling with the faith (ie. church/religion) I grew up with and things really seem to be heading towards me giving up on religion. However, during this process of trying to make up my mind about religion I met a girl who belongs to the church I grew up in and we started to date exclusively. At first I didn't expect it to go anywhere and figured I'd just have some fun and move on, but as I got to know her I realized that she has nearly all the qualities that I've been looking for in a woman. In many ways, she's my dream girl. The wrench in the gears is that she is very conservative and very entrenched in her religion and will not seriously pursue a relationship with anyone outside her religion, which up until two years ago wouldn't have been a problem for me. But now, as I'm struggling with whether I want to continue in my church or not it has suddenly become a very big deal. I can see myself being very happy with this girl, having a family and so on, if I quietly sublimate my religious misgivings. But I wonder if it would be worth it. If I've found a girl that I love and could be happy with should I set aside my religious doubts to make it work? Or should I give up this girl and my religion, even though I'm scared to death about what my life will be like without my religion or whether I will find another girl that I will click with like this one?
posted by Peter (age 26) on 2/14/2009 @11:05:26 AM •
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