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i have no friends..i dont have anybody to talk to everyone hates me and im ugly
posted by peter (age 24) on 2/16/2009 @5:30:34 PM •
What has happened in your life to make you feel this way? If everyone hates you,ask yourself if there is a reason why. If so, try to make ammends and show them you have changed. If not, find a new group of people. Don't try to impress others. Do what you enjoy and be who you enjoy being. Who said you're ugly? God creates beauty. Ask yourself what is appealing to you and choose clothes and a hairstyle that compliment you.
As for having someone to talk to, start by listening to someone else's problems and you may find that someone will be there for you as well. Try having a little fun too. That way you won't always be someone with a problem and people will enjoy your company.
posted by Janeece (age 42) on 3/8/2009
Talk to Dani, she wants to talk to you
posted by :) on 3/15/2009

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