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"I Messed Up"
Ive been celibate for quite sometime i decieded that id wait till i felt comfortable and felt something real with someone before i to be invovlved with anyone like tht... i met this guy through i good friend of mine which happened to be her cousin... we have been talking and handing out since we met which was back in november... we have kissed a few times and all tht other stuff and after that its like he pulled away from me i called him on it asked why he was being that way he said cause he felt like he was getting to attached and didnt want to mislead me and have anyone be hurt... granted he had just gotten out of a relationship back in september and i knew he wasnt ready for anything just freindship and i was fine with that.. now here it is almost March and we have moved to the next step abd actually had sex.. nad he barly has said two words to me since the most he has said is wassup or something like that.. its been a week and i dont know what to think or what to do i feel so used and played and i feel disgusted with myself.. do i confront him and ask him whats going on or should i just wait it out to see if he will speak on it? im really confused any advice will help .. thanks for reading it
posted by Shy shy (age 21) on 2/22/2009 @7:09:54 PM •
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