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"Confused and Jealous"
Ok so i have 2 problems. To start off, i have this boyfriend and i think hes really sweet, which is the main reason i went out with him, anyways my first problem is that i am a very jealous person like wen i see him talkin to another girl..i just cant stand that...i get sooooo jealous! But im the person dat keeps it all to herself, i maybe be feelin alot but i wont say anything. and most of the girls that he talks to are our closest frineds but still i get so jealous how do i get over it? also my boyfrined is metrosexual, which is one thing that i absolutely HATE!!!!! almost everyone thinks hes gay, when i tell people that we go out they ask me isnt he gay? or they tell me i thought he was gay...wen ever people tell me that it makes me have doubts about everything and it makes me just not wanna see him..idk what should i do? like i know i like him but everytime people tell me those things it makes me have doubts about everything
posted by Lisa (age 17) on 2/25/2009 @2:40:18 PM •
i used to be the jealous type too, man haha it was like Whoa! well i just kept repeating to myself "if i dont cheat he wont cheat." idk if thatll help you but its worth a shot. and about the whole metrosexual thing, so he has personal hygene and style! last i heard that's one of the biggest things girlfriends **** about. that and video gaming hours haha youve got it great and if that fails, you guys can always be shopping buddies ;D its like a win/win situatuion :D
posted by jay on 2/28/2009

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