relationship advice (post new situation)
I am in this situation and i need help! I like this girl and we are good friends. she flurts we somtimes and leads me on but she has a boyfriend.they broke up a for a little bit and i thought i had a chance but i Knew the would get back together and they did.i don't know why but i got hurt this time.I don't know what i should do i still like her alot but i don't think she feels the same way! someone PLEASE HELP
posted by shawn (age 16) on 2/25/2009 @3:42:09 PM •
well what i would do is tell her any way if u really like someone tell them it dosent matter what they say as long as u know u love them
posted by nunya on 2/28/2009
the only thing you can do is tell her how it is. and if she shoots you down, you'll be fine. it won't feel like it, but you'll be fine.
posted by Joe (age 21) on 3/2/2009

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