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"A Girl."
I might have posted this already but i really like this girl named Sharon but i dont know if she likes me what should i do?????
posted by Robert on 2/28/2009 @11:16:54 AM •
dont ask your friend to ask them because thats a dead give away.
posted by jay on 2/28/2009
Hi well i think you should just tell her straight out, like that you wont have no doubts. Tell her what you are feeling for her
posted by jasmine on 3/1/2009
go for it and ask her out. what's the worst that could happen? if she says 'no', then you have your answer...and if she says 'yes', you will be one happy guy. :)
posted by jen on 3/2/2009
look there are plenty of other girls to date so don't just focuse on her. also if you really really like her ask her if she likes you before you ask her out, trust me you do not wnt to ask someone out and they don't like you.
posted by erin on 3/4/2009

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