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"this boy"
i no this boy and we use to go out and now were just friends but we like eachother but he has asked me out occasionally but i said no because everybody is saying that he is going to cheat on me and i believed them but now i want him to ask me out just 1 more time and i will say yeah but now he got a girlfriend and theres one more thing my best friends likes him to and he likes her so its like he thinks hes a player now that a lot of people like him i wish i could stop liking him so he wouldnt think that i was a side chick
posted by Monet (age 15) on 2/28/2009 @11:33:23 PM •
i think you should just ask him out and see what happens and if he says no then try to move on and if he says yes sont let nobody get in the way of yalls relationship especially if hes a good man and yall. have something special
posted by daijah (age 15) on 2/28/2009
he does sound like he moves on quickly...just think about why you want to be with it because he has moved on? is it because he likes your friend? or because he has a girlfriend? make sure you like the person he is, not that he seems to be popular with the ladies. that's usually not a good thing...
posted by jen on 3/2/2009
look, first you gotta see if he likes you and if he does ask him out. If he does not like you make him like you
posted by erin on 3/4/2009

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