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"Core Values"
Ok, I will admit that for the longest time I have core value issues. Its really hard for me to allow sig other to go out to lunch, talk, about I just call it communicating ...with the opposite sex. I have a really bad past and am currently getting help for these issues. Another twist to the story is ....we have a somewhat "open" relationship. We bring extras into our bedroom but together only. Never alone. It is really hard for me to trust and women. Deep inside my heart i know my currect sig other will never cheat on me etc. But for some reason i cannot wrap my mind around the idea of him going to lunch with an old friemd. It kills me inside and I freak out...panic and/anxiety. This is ruining my relationship and I need help getting a core value asap so I can try to salvage what is left of my relationship.
posted by Mellisa (age 31) on 3/2/2009 @6:50:42 PM •
i do agree with you - you need to think about why you are in the relationship in the first place. is it about anything other than sex? if you have communication issues, simply being physical to avoid facing your problems will not help your situation - it will only prolong it. i hope you can look past the immediate gratification and work toward a healthy relationship.
posted by ally (age 25) on 3/2/2009

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