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"Man's Job for Me"
I have just started my job at FHI (Frieght Handlers Inc.) all the guys I work with are very immature and have made bets on how long I'll last. The thing is the jobs IS a hard job but I can't give into thier ****. What should I do to get them to leave me alone... Please help Im afraid I'll lose my job.
posted by Kristina on 12/30/2007 @3:34:39 PM •
Don't give up!! They have no right to bother you. Have you spoken to your boss? That might be a good place to start. Also, don't let them know it bothers you. You are there to do your job, not to listen to their mouths. I'm sorry you have to hear them daily, and can't just do your job and live your life!
posted by Nikki on 1/1/2008

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