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"Is it worth it?"
I feel like I need soem practice being around and talking to girls, because I've come close before, but never been able to win over a girl. I'm 21 and never had a girlfriend. I just lack social skills. So here's my problem: I dont really like going out to clubs and parties and things like that, and i refuse to go to a bar because i'm sXe, but how else can i get a lot of exposure to girls in social situations? is it worth going to these places and doing things i dont like to do just to get practice?
posted by Joe (age 21) on 3/2/2009 @9:28:38 PM •
don't compromise yourself to meet girls. if you don't like bars and clubs, you don't want to meet a girl there...i have never been to a club, because i don't want a clubber guy. i met my husband through a mutual friend at a walmart. call me lame, but we are two peas in a pod. and i didn't have to go anywhere out of my way to meet mr. perfect. just be patient. i didn't have a 'real' boyfriend until i was 20. i am sooo glad i didn't give will be too!
posted by sara (age 22) on 3/3/2009

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