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I work in a dental office. I went in one morning and the office manager, forgot to delete a message, that the detist was being fired. I didn't say anything. The next day a coworker and I went to lunch. She told me that that another person in one of our other offices text her and told her the dentist was getting fired and they were going to bring in a new dentist and office staff. She said she didn't care if she gets fired because she is still young (19) I told her I care I have a family to support. I called my cousin who is my confident and I told her I was worried about my job because of what my co worker told me. My cousin then told another lady in her office and it got back to one of my bosses. well I am getting written up for gossiping. I don't feel that I was gossiping I was just worried about losing my job and needed to talk to my cousin. Since I always go to her for advice. The doctor told her to tell me to call him so we could talk. I did but he didn't answer. I just want to explain what happened, but I really don't want to say so and so told me this because this her other person told her that. What do I do?
posted by Jennifer on 3/8/2009 @7:41:55 PM •
Be honest
it's always the right thing to do
posted by bc (age 60) on 3/15/2009
Unfortunately you have just learned a hard lesson.
What goes on in the work place stays in the work place. You even have to be careful with how much you discuss with your spouse when you're in the medical field.
Your co-worker's mistake was her mistake, but yours was your own. I would discuss this with her and if she's an honest person, she'll step up, but that still won't change the mistake that you made. You took confiditial information and put it outside of the work place.
Talk to your boss, take your write up as a lesson learned and tell your boss you realize your mistake and that it will never happen again.
I would also be careful about who I choose as a confidant seeing how your cousin told someone else, therefore the information you shared was not kept "confidential".
You haven't done anything that most others haven't done, you just happened to get caught. This does not make you a bad person, or a bad employee. It just means that you being a trusted employee is in question at this time and you will have to work hard to prove yourself.
Apologize to your boss and anyone else it affected, then put it behind you. After an appropriate amount of time, you can ask your boss to wipe the slate clean and remove it from your file.
Hopes this helps
posted by Janeece (age 42) on 3/17/2009

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