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"Thief in the Family"
I recently finished up a search for settlement money (long story short my father sued my mother on my behalf after an auto accident that has left my face slightly scarred). Well it turns out my mother stole the entire settlement money ($75,000). I confronted her and she denied ever laying a finger on the money. A did some further digging and found out that she stole and forged my name on a check made out to my wife and I after our recent wedding ($500). And she now also faces embezzlement charges from her former boyfriends company... She managed to steal $30,000. With all of this baring down on her she attempted suicide. Her note had no apology and steered clear of any mention of me. She did not suceed in her suicide attempt. Now I'm torn..... What do I do? Pursue charges and a civil suit, cut ties with my own mother?
posted by Jim (age 28) on 3/9/2009 @10:09:19 AM •
That is just awful.
What was your relationship with her before this?
If you love her deeply maybe you can help her. If she has been this way forever I'd sue her and never associate with her again. No mother should do this to her son. EVER
posted by bc (age 60) on 3/15/2009

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