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I've been with my fiance' for a year now and it's perfect! I couldn't ask anything more! Everytime she leaves I can't help but cry she lives at least 2 hours away from me...-_- It's not that I don't see her often it's that I get so sad when I can't hold her anymore... I start to miss her smell her arms around me her hand in mine and her kisses and her I LOVE YOU'S! I use to smoke weed and cigs and she's the main reason I quit! Now that I don't do those my emotions run crazy and I use to be emotionless it seemed where if I had a problem weed and cigs were always there! I don't have those to hide emotions so they come out quite hard... WHICH I H8 I want to go back to smoking but my love for my fiance's bigger to me than cigs and weed! hmmm I miss My BABY... :(
posted by Simone (age 17) on 3/10/2009 @1:25:15 PM •
well simone i am in the very same EXACT situation that your in. i just want to tell you that the person that im with is so amazing and really cares for me. they are so perfect and i cant believe that im still dating them. just wait and be patient because if you do then they will be with you sooner than you think. thats what i have to say. hope you get better every moment you talk to her and i bet you that she doesnt want you to cry when shes not with you.
posted by may may(now as buttons) (age 17) on 3/18/2009

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