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"first kiss"
my girlfriend says she wants to kiss but i dont know how. I also dont know how far she wants to go, wheather she just wants a peck on the lips or something more serious.
posted by donovan on 12/30/2007 @3:41:42 PM •
Here is a wild idea talk to her about it tell her you don't know how to kiss and that your nervous about it and don't deny being nervous because everyones nervous their first time.If she really cares about you she wouldn't care that you don't know how to kiss and only kiss her when your both ready that way it wouldn't be as uncomfortable
posted by Fiona on 12/30/2007
go for it! everyone's first kiss is sweet. you weren't born knowing how to kiss. don't worry about it at all. just totally surprise her. that's way better than thinking and talking about it. just go for it! you can do it! there's no pressure for you to be the best kisser in the world. unless she's kissed lots and lots of people, she will have absolutely no idea if you are a good kisser or not.

maybe you could even get creative and say something like, 'wait, there's something on your lip', then kiss her. or put on some chapstick and ask her if she wants some. be cute about it. don't worry so much!! just go for it!!
posted by stacy on 12/31/2007

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