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"I need to migrate!!"
I'm a 17 year old boy who is always thinking about my future..I used to live in USA for about 6 years and now I'm currently living in Malaysia...So the thing is my choice of career is in the music field..I want to be an artist in Hollywood but my parents don't allow because 1. it's hard to get in that industry and it's hard work..2. because it's not really a future and it takes a long time to actually be known..anyway I don't care I still have faith and going to do what I love but now I'm taking their words into consideration. Should I listen to them and give up my dream of becoming an artist and explore other fields?? Secondly is I want to go to college at the same time being able to make music, my idea at the same time to record a demo...the thing is I don't have the future in this country and I can't do both I have to do one thing and that's probably go to college and by the time I graduate and the years it takes to become a well know artist I'm probably old for the business. My suggestion is for me to migrate again to USA and take my SAT personally and apply for college at the same time making music. Now I'm asking myself about the visa..will I be qualified knowing that I don't have job or a professional?? What should I do??
posted by A.J. (age 17) on 3/13/2009 @11:19:56 AM •
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