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My 3 sons have married and I feel I have lost them. The daughters in law, although all close to their families do not want their husbands to be close to ours. We were best friends before and I never dreamed that this could happen. One daughter in law is mean and cruel. She actually backed out of an expensive family vacation after we paid non refundable air tickets etc. I know you must think something must be wrong with me but, I sware, I loved her and gave her my diamond ring and was there for them no matter what. Asking nothing in return. My husband feels her mother was jeaalous because I am very domestic . Sew and have family values and traditions. Her family only has money, we do not, but we have tons of love and joy. I miss my son, my grandchildren are strangers to me. I have asked her if we can start over with a clean slate and she can teach me how to be her Mother in Law. She said she doesn't like me and isn't interested. I still love her and feel such a loss.
posted by RC (age 60) on 3/15/2009 @7:31:53 AM •
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