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well my bff was playing tag with me, and she gave us 10 seconds to run, you're not supposed to try and tag anyone before 10. she was like 4 cm. away from me, so i ran, and she tagged me right away. i told her the rules so she kept following me, but this time slapping me. i said, "please stop" she said no and slaapped me harder and continued sayng i'm it. i held her hand and said "stop it's hurting me" she said "NO YOU'RE IT" AND SLAPPED ME REALLY HAR!!! she told my bff who twisted the story around and said i just walked up to her and just bent down her thumb for no reason at all. i don't know what to do. please help me. what should i do???
posted by Jenna on 3/16/2009 @1:33:18 PM •
sorry, my situation is under control, but still give advice incase it happens again?!?!
posted by Jenna on 3/18/2009

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