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"my lover"
not to long ago i was on the phone with her and she seemed sad and when i asked her what was wrong, she told me that everything was ok and fine. is she really sad or is she ok and just really tired? she was really quiet to and not talking to me. if she reads this i am really sorry and i am always here for you.
posted by may may (now as buttons) (age 17) on 3/18/2009 @4:27:44 PM •
Babe I love you I just didn't want to end up crying to you I wanted to tell you when I felt okay. I'm sorry I didn't tell you for awhile I just wanted to cool down for a bit. I love you with everything I have. And if Johnathan is reading this listen to my baby if she says stop doing something stop! She means the world to me! Please just respect her when she says stop! I love you Maranda! Always have and Always will!
posted by Simone (BabyAngel) (age 17) on 3/19/2009
Baby I know I just miss you when you go I don't want to loose that. To me if I cry about someone like you it's true love I just prove it to myself everytime.
posted by Simone(BabyAngel) (age 17) on 3/19/2009

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