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"Doesn't matter"
It feels like no matter how hard I ****ing try in this world I just get screwed over in life. I just wish there was a way to get away from life without dying. I feel like no one really gived a **** and still don't because if someone gave a **** then I wouldn't be in this mess. I wanted someone to text a pic to my gf and they did and I said don't talk to her I know this girl would screw things up in life for me and for my gf. She texts her talks to her on the phone sent my gf pictures of herself to her and when I asked her to stop she told my gf and my gf said "you know what I can talk to her if I want to." Despite how I felt about it she didn't care and I told my gf that it upsets me that she talks to this girl she still did it. Now my gf is trying to say her brother knows about the phone and has been texting her. Next I learn that her brother didn't know about the phone and I'm still mad. My gf knows I h8 liers with a passion and she makes me feel like dust. I start to question if she even loves me...
posted by Alexis (age 13) on 3/20/2009 @12:55:57 PM •
WOW! umm I think maybe you should try to help her with these problems maybe she'll get better. You need to believe in her try to work things out with her. AND IT DOES MATTER! YOU MATTER! IT MAY not seem that way but you do. Look at the bright sides of life not the dark.
posted by Simone (age 17) on 3/20/2009
well i think if your really only 13 years old. you shouldn't be sprung over one girl. believe me there are MILLIONS of beautiful girls out there that will really value you for what you are. death is never the answer to anything. its just a way to run from things. && you don't want to run from things.
your extremely young. you got so much ahead of you.don't let ONE SINGLE person hold you back from any dreams or hopes. live your life for you. && stay strong, life is beautiful this is just a phase your going through.
posted by theresa (age 17) on 4/25/2009

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