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"i'm beginning to resent him."
I have a best friend that's a guy. We've been friends since middle school. My fiance' and i have been together for a little over 2 years and just got engaged this last Christmas. We have broken up over this before but he told me he'd change and what not. well nothing has changed. He hates all my friends that i've had for so long and refuses to hang out with them. we now spend pretty much every night doin nothing except hang out withmy brother every now and then which is fine but i miss my friends. a lot! I dont know what to do! I dont want to hurt him again because he doesn't really have anyone to turn to. It sucks so much!! I care so much about him but i'm beginning to resent him for refusing to let me hang out with my friends. i feel like im the only one compromising. HELP!
posted by Whitney on 3/29/2009 @1:18:36 PM •
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