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"my mom hates my bf"
ever since my mom met my boyfriend, she has been so so different to me. she's short and kinda mean. she has told me she doesn't like kevin, but why does her attitude toward me have to change?
posted by Jessi on 12/15/2007 @3:55:25 PM •
Maybe she just feels you could do better?
posted by Jamie on 12/15/2007
are you sure there isn't something you don't know about?
posted by tami on 12/15/2007
maybe she is a little fustrated with you an worried. she knows you can do better but she knows that you love him. just sit down with her an ask her whats going on :D
posted by brittney on 12/18/2007
My mother is very judgmental and she did not like my boyfriend (now husband). She eventually learned to like him and we are very happy. You have to go with your gut. Ask your mom why she doesn't like him and if it is valid, consider it. If not, follow your heart. You will know what is right for you.
posted by Jillian on 12/18/2007
The best solution is to confront your mother about it. You need to have a good level-headed discussion (not arguement) about your situation. These thing often come about because of strange misunderstandings that can be resolved through reasonable conversation. If he's really a good guy, she'll come around. If he isn't, you need to consider the fact that your mom may be right and you should leave him.
posted by Patrick on 12/20/2007
As the x girlfriend of a boy who dumped me because his mum didnt like me (by the way he wants me back and its so weird and wrong cause we still date) I think that there are several ways you can solve it, Sometimes its never solvable because shes your mum and she wants to look after you. get her and him and you to do something together so she can make up a more informed opinion.If she still dosent like him then mabe you should look harder yourself. Talk to her about it. if she refuses then play the trust card. "mum i trut your opinion i cant help but feel like theres something your not telling me" If she says she dosent like him you need to find out why for your own sanity. if she dosent let on then theres really only one thing u can do, explain to kevin that you need time to yourself to sort out stuff with your mum ask him to back off for a week then as he dissapeares bring your mum out of her shell and set her straight.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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