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i need to know how exactly do i get pregnant and if an abortion from 6 months ago could possibly be affecting my chances now???????????
posted by lacey on 12/31/2007 @12:10:02 AM •
From what I've heard, after an abortion it can sometimes be difficult to get pregnant. It all depends on the how smoothly the abortion went and how your body recovered. BUT some people are able to get pregnant again with no problem at all. It totally depends on you and your body. If I were you, I would check with my gynocologist to make sure everything is ok.

I just learned that most women are only able to get pregnant about 3-5 days out of the month. If you are wanting to know which days, you may want to try something like the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. That will show you when you are most and least fertile.
posted by Sammi on 1/1/2008

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