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My grandmother has a phobia of staying by herself. When her husband died 5 years ago my mother went to live with her. A few days ago my mother passed away after a long illness and now my grandmother is really hounding me to come live with her. My mother was in and out of the hospital several times over the years and the other family memebers always designated the job of staying with grandma to me. She was in the hopsital for 3 weeks this time and I stayed with grandma for about 70% percent of the time. Now I'm going to be pressured to stay with her because until she gets help or one of her two other children step up to the plate, because she is absolutley unwilling to leave her own home and live somewhere else. The family kind of makes me feel guilty that I don't wan't to live with her because I just don't feel that it is a healthy situation and they make me feel like it is my responsibility, although I have a fiance and an apartment of my own. I need advice on what to do because I do feel quilty because shes my grandmother but this is just not healthy for me.
posted by Kar (age 24) on 4/2/2009 @7:09:35 AM •
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