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"My friends wedding"
My friend who has been dating her boyfriend told me 4 weeks ago that she is pregnant and that she and her boyfriend are getting married. I was very happy for her - she asked for my help planning, cake, flower, and minister her wedding. Recently friends from her past are coming up and they are also helping. Today I asked her a few general questions about her wedding and she replied - sorry I didn't tell you but --she has alot of stuff taken care of by her other friends and doesn't need my help. She said just relax and come have a good time. I was really excited about helping her and doing these thing. Now I'm dissapointed. So, how do I see her for dinner tomorrow night without showing my resentment? The wedding is 2 months away. How do I continue to be pleasant for the next two months?
posted by Jen (age 38) on 4/3/2009 @1:39:29 PM •
i have kinda been in the same situation. i just stepped back and thought, 'well, it's her wedding' even though i really wanted to confront her about it. your friend will realize (though it will probably be too late...) that those friends just wanted to be close to her temporarily. she probably likes the idea that she will feel even more important on her 'big day' because all of her old friends have come out of the woodworks just for her.

bottom line though - if it hurts your feelings, say something to her. what's the worse that could happen?
posted by sara on 4/7/2009

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