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"Should I do it?"
Ok, my friends have always say how I alwasy helped them ot of many situations with my advice. Then they start talking about this girl who is depressed and they are mad at her, but in my head I want to help her. I want to start a thing like this but over google talk and give advice, but without giving my name or anything about my identity. Should I do it? Or should I do differently?
posted by Carlee (age 12) on 4/3/2009 @8:27:00 PM •
hi carlee! just as long as no one knows anything about you (your whole name, where you live...), that might be a good idea. also, you could just come here and leave advice for those who need it. that way you don't have to worry about anything creepy going on.
posted by mindy (age 23) on 4/7/2009

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