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I'm so misreble and deprest I wanna commit suicid.
posted by Leah (age 10) on 4/6/2009 @8:44:07 PM •
why are you so sad? suicide doesn't make anything better for anybody. just think of how awful it would make your family and friends feel.
posted by shaun on 4/7/2009
i agee with shaun. suicide is never the answer. sometimes things feel really, really awful. but you have a long time for things to change.

it really may be a good idea for you to talk to a grown-up. it might sound dumb, but sometimes they know some really good stuff...
posted by jon on 4/10/2009
Hi Leah,
I hope you are feeling better. You are very young to consider such drastic action. I would guess you are having problems with one of three things, boy problems, bullying at school, or problems at home. None of these are worth you taking your life. I'm much older than 10; but I deal with children your age on a daily basis. If you would like to talk, you can email me or find a family friend, teacher, pastor, school counselor or some other adult you trust to talk with. You should not try to handle your situation alone. You are here for a purpose; find someone to help guide you.
posted by Bonnie on 4/15/2009

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