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"Time to regroup, or to let go?"

I have a problem. I was best friends with a girl that I knew from high school. We had been friends for almost 8 years. Before I left to go work at DisneyWorld for seven months, we were getting along fine. Before I came back she asked me to made of honor at her wedding.
When I cam back from my job, she broke up our friendship over the phone. She said that I was never really her type of friend and that was all the excuse she gave me when I called her that day. This happened in the beginning of January. I know my parents and other friends see that she has changed in bad way over the years. But I stood by here through those times. When I was in Florida, I tried to call her every other week to keep in touch. I was floored when she announced she didn't want to be friends with me anymore on the phone. Ever since that day, I have been putting up this front that have moved past it. Lately, I have been trying to end this properly but at the same time I want to know the real reasons why she did this to me. It litterally feels that someone ripped my heart open and I have tried to contact her to just talk, but it hasn't worked. So what should i do, should i just give up, or should i just let it go. And if i let it go, how should i go about doing that?
posted by sharon (age 23) on 4/9/2009 @12:20:38 PM •
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