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"A daughter's infidelity"
I am in school out of town while my wife lives with our 16 yr. old daughter. My wife's work schedule entails her working night shifts sometimes. We just got to know that my daughter invites a 20yr old college student to the house to spend time with her when my wife has night shift. We have talked to our daughter, but we also want to confront the man. How do we go about this?
posted by joe on 4/10/2009 @10:39:07 PM •
you should talk to both of them at the same time. and you, as the father, should really put your foot down, because it is a lack of respect and discipline that your daughter do that. you dont know who the person is, and you dont know the dangers that your daughter might be in. talk to the guy, let him know you dont agree with it, and if he continues to go, tell him that you might call the cops or something.
posted by oney (age 23) on 5/6/2009

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