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"I did something sexual and I'm afraid"
My boyfriend and I of almost a year decided to get a little more intimate. I gave him a hand job and he fingered me. We did this about 6 days before I ovulated and I'm really scared of getting pregnant. Actually, I'm scared that I might be pregnant now becuase I might have gotten semen on my hands and around my pubic area by mistake. I have ruled out that semen may have been on my boyfriends hands because he fingered me first and he didn't have any contact with semen for at least a week before we did this. I'm very worried about the consequenses of our actions and I'm torn between doing it again or not. What should I do? Is their a chance I might be pregnant?
posted by Noelle on 1/1/2008 @5:13:02 PM •
yes, there is a chance. have you taken a pregnancy test? maybe you should start there. you probably are not pregnant, but you need to be really careful. as you have probably figured out, typical intercourse is not the only way to become pregnant. you really need to consider protection if nothing else. also, think about if what you are doing is worth all of this (the possibilty that you are pregnant, all of the mental anguish, etc).
posted by amy on 1/1/2008
Hun...Most likely ur not pregnant. But if you want to check take a test. Be on the safe side if you do it again. Its not a bad thing. You just have to be careful about it. But you have to have way more contact then gettin it on ur pubs to be pregnant.
posted by Kc on 2/17/2008

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