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"In - Laws"
Our Mom passed away 2007 from a long illness and one week after her passing, my in - laws called my Husband and I for a visit, we didn't think anything about it at the time, so when they arrived at our house and we sat down for a nice talk - My mother-in law pulls out these paper's and hands them to me ( I can't tell you how up-set we have been from my mom's passing ) now i'm reading a contract that stated that my in-laws loaned my mom 10,000 in 1993 ( over 15 years later ) and that my husband and i need to pay this loan ( we didn't know any thing about this till that day ) I can't tell you what this did to me, my mom's passing, mom asking my in-law's for so much money. I know my mom was wrong, but what can we do ( we didn't even know ) I told them to please leave my house and that was the last time we seen them. All over money - I sent a letter to the in-law's stating how hurt we was and asking why they had to even involed us. Its all so sad.
posted by Kimberly (age 43) on 4/19/2009 @3:37:55 AM •
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